Advanced Ip Scanner

Advanced Ip Scanner

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Advanced IP Scanner simple and easy-to-use tool. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to scan your network and find the devices that are connected to it.

Advanced IP Scanner is really a free application for Windows PCs that may be used to scan IP addresses and get complete information about computers linked to the Local Area Network (LAN).

If you’re using this app for the very first time, there isn’t to be concerned about difficulty, because it comes with a fairly easy and intuitive interface. This scanner allows easy and convenient access to many network resources, such as for instance FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and more. Furthermore, we could see all the IP addresses on our WiFi network. Furthermore, the app can be used completely for free. Its Remote Shutdown feature we can shut down some type of computer or cluster of computers that use the Windows operating system. We are able to also use Advanced IP Scanner to activate the computer remotely if the network card supports Wake On LAN.

This application by Famatech Corp is among the most popular especially among users who want to make use of a free and feature-rich IP scanner application. To be able to be logged in to a network computer, we have to put in Radmin Viewer anyway. How many users who prefer to use this application to scan IP addresses is unquestionably not without reason In this way, we could easily and completely control remote computers, move files, and much more.

Advanced IP Scanner is a versatile and user-friendly network scanning tool designed to simplify the process of managing and troubleshooting networks. With its robust set of features, this software is an indispensable companion for IT professionals, network administrators, and tech-savvy individuals. In this article, we will delve into the standout features that make Advanced IP Scanner an essential tool for network management.

Key Features Advanced IP Scanner

Fast and Accurate Network Scanning

One of the primary features that sets Advanced IP Scanner apart is its ability to conduct fast and accurate network scans. It quickly identifies all devices connected to your network, providing detailed information about each, including IP addresses, device names, MAC addresses, and even the manufacturer of network devices.

Remote PC Control

Advanced IP Scanner goes beyond scanning by offering remote PC control capabilities. Users can remotely access and control other computers on the network, making it a valuable tool for troubleshooting and providing support to users, especially in corporate or educational environments.

Wake-On-LAN Functionality

For administrators responsible for maintaining multiple devices, the Wake-On-LAN feature in Advanced IP Scanner is a game-changer. It enables users to remotely wake up and power on networked computers, even if they are in a sleep or hibernation state. This is particularly useful for saving time and energy in large-scale network environments.

Integration with Radmin

Advanced IP Scanner seamlessly integrates with Radmin, a popular remote control software. This integration allows users to establish secure connections to remote computers for tasks such as file transfers, system administration, and troubleshooting, all from within the same interface.

Scanning Profiles

To enhance efficiency, Advanced IP Scanner offers scanning profiles. Users can create and save custom scan configurations to streamline repetitive scanning tasks. This feature is especially valuable in complex networks with multiple subnets or different scanning requirements.

Exportable Scan Results

Advanced IP Scanner allows users to export scan results to various formats, including CSV and HTML. This facilitates documentation and reporting, making it easier to track changes in the network and maintain an inventory of connected devices.

Port Scanning and Access to Shared Folders

Beyond basic network discovery, Advanced IP Scanner provides the ability to scan open ports on network devices. This is essential for identifying potential security vulnerabilities or checking for services running on specific devices. Additionally, users can access shared folders on remote computers, simplifying file management and sharing.

User-Friendly Interface

The software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users. The straightforward design ensures that users can navigate through the tool effortlessly and access its various features with ease.

Multi-Language Support

Advanced IP Scanner caters to a global user base by offering support for multiple languages. Users can switch between languages to ensure that the tool is accessible to a diverse range of users.

Advanced IP Scanner is a powerful network management tool that excels in simplifying network discovery, device management, and troubleshooting. With features such as fast and accurate scanning, remote PC control, Wake-On-LAN, integration with Radmin, and exportable scan results, it empowers IT professionals and network administrators to maintain and optimize their networks efficiently. Other software is also available

Software Information

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File Name:Advanced_IP_Scanner_2.5.4594.1.exe
Size:19.44 MB
Languages:Multiple languages
Requirements:Windows (Both 32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Author:Famatech / External Link

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Advanced Ip Scanner

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