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DiskGenius is a comprehensive disk management software that can be used for data recovery, partition management, and disk utilities. It is a powerful tool that can help you solve a variety of disk problems.

DiskGenius is a powerful tool for data recovery, partition manager and partition backup, for it provides lots of functions will recover your files in numerous data loss situations and allow you to get out of trouble. DiskGenius is just a full-featured partition manager, which is made to optimize disk usage for Windows users DiskGenius is just a powerful tool for data recovery, partition manager and partition backup, for it offers a lot of functions.

It enables you to resize, extend, split, create, delete, format, hides, copy, and erase partition to increase space use The Free Edition provides various basic features to control partitions & disk and recover lost files for both home and commercial users. Produce a system image backup for current Windows with simple clicks to help keep the operating-system under protection! Partition Management – It can produce format, resize, extend, backup, split, hide and clone partition, both MBR and GPT are supported.

Safely and easily change the prevailing partition size or divide a partition into two smaller ones without losing any data Disk and partition conversion – Convert dynamic disk to basic, convert virtual disk format and convert MBR to GPT, convert primary partition to logical.

One-click partition a hard disk File recovery – It could recover files deleted or emptied form recycle bin, recover files from damaged partition or disk and recover files by file type and supports file preview and file filter. It’s very convenient to partition a brand new hard disk or repartition disk which has partitions already. Permanently erase existing and deleted data in a partition to ensure that files can’t be recovered by any method well protecting sensitive data Partition recovery – It is the greatest partition recovery program in so it can recover files from damaged, corrupted and RAW partitions, seek out lost partition and recover files as a result, besides, it may fix partition table.

Disk Genius can allow you to create and format a partition with the specified filesystem format RAID recovery – It could reconstruct Virtual RAID and recover files as a result, and all RAID types are supported.  It supports NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4 file systems. Produce a WinPE bootable disk and you are able to manage disk partition whenever a system crashes or there’s no operating-system on your desktop Create WinPE bootable disk and you are able to manage disk partition when system crashes or there’s no operating-system on your own computer.

Eassos is definitely an industry-leading software developer for data recovery, disk utilities and system backup. DiskGenius offers an all-in-one partition backup solution to completely protect your computer data against any potential risks ector Editor  A Hex editor is embedded to simply help users edit raw hex data and recover data manually.

With features such as for instance file recovery, that may recover files deleted or emptied from the recycle bin, and the capability to recover files from damaged partitions or disks DiskGenius Free is just a versatile partition management program that performs many functions. The application is suitable for all forms of storage media, including virtual disks, memory cards, SSD, RAID and USB flash drives.

Key Features DiskGenius include:

Data Recovery

One of DiskGenius’s standout features is its data recovery capabilities. It allows you to recover lost or deleted files from various storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and USB drives. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted important files or encountered data loss due to disk formatting, DiskGenius can help you retrieve your data.

Partition Management

DiskGenius simplifies disk partitioning with its intuitive interface. You can create, delete, resize, format, and hide partitions with ease. It also supports dynamic disk management, making it a versatile tool for organizing and optimizing your disk space.

Disk Cloning and Backup

DiskGenius offers disk cloning and backup features that help you create exact copies of your drives or back up your data. This is especially useful when upgrading your hard drive or safeguarding critical data against potential loss.

Disk and Partition Conversion

Converting disk and partition types is made simple with DiskGenius. You can convert between basic and dynamic disks, as well as between MBR and GPT partition styles, without data loss. This flexibility ensures compatibility and efficient disk utilization.

Bad Sector Repair

Bad sectors can lead to data corruption and drive failure. DiskGenius includes tools for scanning and repairing bad sectors on your hard drive, potentially extending its lifespan and maintaining data integrity.

Disk Health Monitoring

To keep a close eye on the health of your storage devices, DiskGenius provides disk health monitoring features. It enables you to check the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drives and receive early warnings of potential issues, allowing you to take preventive measures.

Virtual RAID Support

DiskGenius supports creating, managing, and recovering data from virtual RAID arrays. It’s a valuable feature for users who require data redundancy and fault tolerance for their storage systems.

File and Disk Encryption

To enhance data security, DiskGenius offers encryption tools that allow you to encrypt files, folders, or entire disks. This feature is particularly useful for safeguarding sensitive and confidential information.

Disk Optimization

DiskGenius includes disk optimization features to improve the overall performance of your storage devices. It can defragment disks, rearrange data to reduce fragmentation, and free up space for efficient data storage.

Disk Wipe

When you need to dispose of or repurpose a storage device, securely wiping its contents is essential. DiskGenius provides tools for securely erasing data to prevent unauthorized access.

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