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Ghost Browser is a web browser designed specifically for web developers, digital marketers, and professionals who need to manage multiple online accounts and perform tasks efficiently. It offers several features that help users streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

Ghost Browser Download For Free and Review

The “Workspace” feature in Ghost Browser lets you save and load collections of tabs, sessions, and even cookies. This is immensely beneficial for users who often work on specific projects or topics, as it allows for quick access to all the relevant tabs and information with just a couple of clicks.

Another strong point is the “Session Manager” which enables you to organize, name, and even auto-start sessions when the browser launches. This can significantly streamline your workflow by removing the need to manually open each tab every time you start your browser.

Ghost Browser also emphasizes security and privacy. The “Ghost Mode” feature allows you to create a session that doesn’t save cookies, history, or any other data. This can be handy for private browsing without affecting your main sessions.

However, there are some potential downsides to consider. Ghost Browser might be overkill for users who don’t require multiple sessions. For simple browsing tasks, using a regular browser could be more straightforward. Additionally, while the basic version of Ghost Browser is free, some of the more advanced features require a subscription fee, which might not suit everyone’s budget.

Furthermore, like any software, Ghost Browser isn’t immune to occasional glitches or compatibility issues with certain websites or plugins. Although such issues seem to be less frequent with recent updates, it’s something to be aware of.

In summary, Ghost Browser is a powerful tool tailored for users who need to juggle multiple tasks, accounts, or projects within one browsing window. Its session management, workspace organization, and privacy features are strong advantages. However, its utility largely depends on your specific needs; if you primarily use the internet for single tasks, a traditional browser might suffice. Nevertheless, for those who require enhanced multitasking capabilities, Ghost Browser can be a game-changer in streamlining your online activities

Key features of the application “Ghost Browser” include:

Multiple Sessions and Identities

Ghost Browser allows users to create and manage multiple browser sessions and identities in a single window. This feature is particularly useful for professionals and developers who need to work with different profiles or accounts simultaneously.

Session Management

Users can save and organize sessions, including open tabs, cookies, and history. This makes it easy to switch between different tasks or projects without losing important information.

Built-In Proxy Management

Ghost Browser includes built-in proxy management, enabling users to assign different proxies to individual tabs or sessions. This is valuable for tasks that require IP rotation, geo-targeting, or web scraping.

Custom Workspaces

The application allows users to create custom workspaces, each with its own set of sessions and tabs. This helps keep work organized and efficient, as you can group related tasks together.


Ghost Browser is built on the Chromium engine, which means it offers compatibility with Chrome extensions. Users can add their favorite Chrome extensions to enhance their browsing experience.

Simultaneous Logins

Users can log into multiple accounts on the same website without the need for multiple browsers or profiles. This is especially useful for managing social media accounts, email, and online services.

Cookie Management

Ghost Browser offers advanced cookie management, allowing users to edit, add, or delete cookies for individual tabs or sessions. This feature is helpful for testing websites and web applications.

User-Agent Switcher

The application includes a user-agent switcher that allows users to mimic different web browsers and devices. This is valuable for web development and testing, ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

Chrome DevTools Integration

Ghost Browser integrates seamlessly with Chrome DevTools, enabling developers to inspect and debug web pages, analyze network activity, and diagnose issues effectively.

Automatic Updates

The application provides automatic updates to ensure users have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

Secure and Private Browsing

Ghost Browser prioritizes user privacy and security, offering features like incognito mode, HTTPS encryption, and the ability to clear browsing data.

Cross-Platform Support

Ghost Browser is available for multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it accessible to a broad range of users.

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