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Logitech G HUB software application that allows you to customize and control your Logitech G gaming gear

Logitech G HUB is a software application developed by Logitech for managing and customizing Logitech gaming peripherals. It is designed specifically for Logitech’s G-series gaming devices, including mice, keyboards, headsets, and other gaming accessories. G HUB provides users with a centralized platform to configure settings, create custom profiles, and access advanced features for their Logitech gaming gear. The primary purpose of Logitech G HUB is to enhance the gaming experience by allowing users to tailor their peripherals according to their preferences. It offers a user-friendly interface that enables gamers to customize various aspects of their devices, such as button assignments, DPI sensitivity, lighting effects, and macros.

One of the key features of Logitech G HUB is profile management. Users can create multiple profiles for different games or applications and switch between them effortlessly. This allows for quick and seamless transitions between customized settings based on specific gaming scenarios or personal preferences.

G HUB also provides advanced customization options, including the ability to create macros, which are sequences of actions or commands that can be assigned to a single button. This feature allows gamers to automate complex tasks or execute multiple actions with a single press, enhancing their efficiency and performance during gameplay.

Furthermore, Logitech G HUB offers integrated RGB lighting controls for compatible Logitech devices. Users can customize the lighting effects, colors, and patterns to match their gaming setup or create dynamic lighting profiles that synchronize with in-game events or audio cues.

The software is regularly updated by Logitech to add new features, improve performance, and ensure compatibility with the latest gaming titles and hardware releases. It is available for Windows and macOS platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of gamers.

Overall, Logitech G HUB provides a comprehensive and intuitive software solution for Logitech gaming peripheral customization, allowing gamers to optimize their gear to suit their individual playstyle and preferences.

Key features Logitech G HUB include:

Customization Galore

1 Personalizing Your Gaming Gear

With Logitech G HUB, your gaming gear becomes an extension of yourself. The software allows you to customize every button, every light, and every setting on your Logitech peripherals. Whether it’s your gaming mouse, keyboard, or headset, you can fine-tune each one to suit your unique preferences. Say goodbye to generic settings and hello to a gaming experience tailored just for you.

2 Profile Creation and Management

The ability to create and manage multiple profiles is a godsend for gamers who switch between games frequently. Logitech G HUB lets you create profiles for different games or tasks, ensuring that your settings are always optimized. It means you can seamlessly transition from a fast-paced FPS to a strategy game with just a few clicks.

Advanced Sensing

1 DPI Tuning

Precision is the name of the game in competitive gaming, and Logitech G HUB understands that. It offers DPI tuning, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse on the fly. Need pinpoint accuracy for sniping? Dial it down. Want swift movements for intense action? Crank it up. It’s all at your fingertips.

2 Surface Calibration

Not all gaming surfaces are created equal. Logitech G HUB includes surface calibration options, ensuring that your mouse performs optimally on any gaming mousepad or desk surface. It’s a small feature with a big impact on your gaming performance.

Lightsync RGB

1 Immersive Lighting Effects

Lightsync RGB takes RGB lighting to a whole new level. Your Logitech gaming peripherals come alive with dynamic lighting effects that react to in-game events. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about immersing yourself in the gaming world.

2 Sync Your Gear

Logitech G HUB allows you to sync your RGB lighting across all compatible devices. Create dazzling lighting displays that match your gaming rig’s aesthetics. It’s a visual feast for gamers who appreciate the finer details.

Intuitive Interface

1 User-Friendly Dashboard

Navigating through complex settings can be daunting, but Logitech G HUB simplifies the process with its user-friendly dashboard. Everything you need is laid out intuitively, ensuring that even newcomers can dive in without hesitation.

2 Easy Navigation

The software’s ease of navigation extends beyond the dashboard. Configuring your peripherals and creating profiles is a breeze, thanks to the straightforward menus and options.

Game Integration

1 Seamless Game Support

Logitech G HUB supports a wide range of games, and it continuously updates its database to include new titles. This means that no matter what you’re playing, you can expect seamless integration and optimal performance.

2 Macros and Keybindings

For gamers who want an edge, Logitech G HUB offers macro and keybinding support. Create complex sequences of commands with a single button press, giving you a competitive advantage in the heat of battle.

Updates and Community

1 Stay Up-to-Date

Logitech G HUB ensures that you’re always using the latest software version. Regular updates not only bring new features but also enhance compatibility and stability.

2 Connect with Fellow Gamers

Join the Logitech gaming community through the software. Share your experiences, learn from others, and stay in the loop about gaming trends and events.


Logitech G HUB is compatible with a wide range of Logitech gaming peripherals, ensuring that you can enjoy these features with your existing gear or when you decide to upgrade.


In the competitive world of gaming, having the right tools can make all the difference. Logitech G HUB empowers gamers to fine-tune their peripherals, synchronize lighting effects, and integrate seamlessly with their favorite games. It’s a game-changer that elevates your gaming experience to new heights.

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Software Information

File Name:lghub_installer.exe
Languages:Multiple languages
Requirements:Windows (Both 32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Author/Official Site:Logitech / External Link

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Logitech G HUB

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