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Microsoft Excel Viewer

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Microsoft Excel Viewer was a popular application for viewing Excel spreadsheets.

However, it is no longer supported and there are newer and better alternatives available.

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Key Features Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft Excel has long been a powerhouse, serving as a go-to tool for data analysis, calculations, and reporting. However, not everyone needs the full editing capabilities of Excel. That’s where Microsoft Excel Viewer steps in. In this article, we will explore the essential features and benefits that make Microsoft Excel Viewer a handy tool for viewing and interacting with Excel files.

Effortless File Viewing

Excel Files at Your Fingertips

Microsoft Excel Viewer allows users to open and view Excel files without the need for a full Microsoft Office suite installation. This feature is incredibly useful for individuals who only need to access and review Excel files, saving both time and resources.

Compatibility with Various Excel Formats

Whether you receive XLS or XLSX files, Excel Viewer seamlessly opens and displays them. This compatibility ensures that you can view Excel files created with different versions of Microsoft Excel.

Read-Only Mode

Microsoft Excel Viewer operates in a read-only mode. While you can view and navigate through Excel files, you cannot make any changes or edits. This read-only functionality is ideal for situations where you need to preserve the integrity of the original document.

Printing Capabilities

Need a hard copy of an Excel document? Excel Viewer allows you to print Excel files directly from the application. This feature is handy for generating physical copies of spreadsheets, reports, or data analysis for meetings or reference.

Quick Navigation

Excel Viewer provides intuitive navigation tools, such as scroll bars and zoom options. These tools make it easy to move around large spreadsheets and focus on specific areas of interest within the document.

Accessibility and Convenience

Microsoft Excel Viewer is a standalone application, which means you can use it on computers where Microsoft Excel is not installed. This accessibility ensures that you can view Excel files wherever needed, whether on your own computer or a shared workstation.

Microsoft Excel Viewer serves as a valuable companion to Microsoft Excel, offering essential features for viewing and interacting with Excel files. Its read-only mode, compatibility with various Excel formats, and printing capabilities make it a practical choice for those who primarily need to view and share Excel documents. Other software is also available

Software Information

Categories:Office & News
File Name:MS-ExcelViewer.exe
Size:77.74 MB
Languages:Multiple languages
Requirements:Windows (Both 32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Author:,Microsoft Corporation / External Link

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Microsoft Excel Viewer

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