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Rufus a widely known software utility application that allows you to create bootable flash drives. However, it is more accustomed for Microsoft Windows.

Rufus For Windows: Your Go-To Solution for Creating Bootable USB Drives

Rufus is a tool that helps to format and make a USB flash device bootable, such as a thumb drive, memory, etc Although the official application created by Microsoft Media Creation Tool is adequate, the application is incapable of making a bootable USB Windows 10 as fast as Ru-fus. Besides being fast, Ru-fus also offers a straightforward interface, supports quite a lot of languages including Indonesian, and often gets new features

Yet another thing, Rufus is extremely fast. The proof, Rufus is approximately twice faster than UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer, or Windows 7 USB download tool, in making Windows 7 USB installation media from an ISO. Rufus can also be a little faster at making Linux bootable USB from ISO files.

Rufus is a credit card applicatoin developed by Pete Badard from Akeo Consulting. This freeware has a tiny size so that it won’t burn up much of one’s laptop or computer’s capacity. Interestingly, this application can also be portable so you should use it right away without installing it first.

Rufus supports a wide selection of bootable iso files including various Linux distributions along with Windows installation iso files, Raw disk image files (including compressed ones). This Bootable application has a tiny file size but provides all the mandatory facilities completely.

Features Rufus include:

Rufus is one such tool. It’s a lightweight and versatile utility designed for creating bootable USB drives, and in this review, we’ll explore why Rufus has become a trusted name in this space.

Why Choose Rufus?

Speed and Efficiency

When you need to create a bootable USB drive, speed matters. Rufus excels in this department, offering blazing-fast performance. Its efficient code ensures that the process of formatting and creating bootable drives is swift and hassle-free. Whether you’re creating a bootable USB for installing an operating system or running diagnostic tools, Rufus gets the job done in record time.

Wide Compatibility

Rufus is compatible with a wide range of ISOs and disk image formats. Whether you’re working with Windows, Linux, macOS, or other operating systems, Rufus can handle them all. It automatically detects the optimal file system for your USB drive, making it a versatile tool for various purposes.

User-Friendly Interface

Rufus prides itself on its straightforward and user-friendly interface. You don’t need to be a tech guru to use this tool effectively. The intuitive design guides you through the process step by step, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.

Advanced Features

While Rufus is user-friendly, it also caters to power users who require advanced options. You can customize partition schemes, file systems, and cluster sizes to meet specific requirements. This flexibility is particularly useful for IT professionals and enthusiasts who want complete control over their bootable USB drives.


When creating bootable USB drives, reliability is non-negotiable. Rufus is renowned for its stability and dependability. It minimizes the risk of errors during the bootable drive creation process, ensuring that your USB drives work flawlessly when you need them most.


Rufus is a portable application, meaning you don’t need to install it on your computer. You can run it directly from a USB drive, which is incredibly convenient when you need to create bootable media on the go.

Video Review

Rufus is a great choice for anyone who needs to create bootable USB drives.

Software Information

Categories: File Sharing
File Size: 1.13 MB
Requirements: Windows (Both 32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Languages: Multiple language. English.
Licence: Free
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