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Sandboxie 64 Bit is a sandbox virtualization software that allows you to run programs in an isolated environment. This means that the programs you run in Sandboxie cannot access your computer’s files, registry, or other resources. This can help to protect your computer from malware and other security threats.

Sandboxie 64 Bit Download For Free and Review

Sandboxie 64 Bit Download – Sandbox security software for Windows. Install and run programs in a virtual sandbox environment without writing to the hard drive. Sandboxie is an open-source sandboxing application that you can use completely without cost on Windows PCs. By using the app you could make isolated environments or rooms without permanently changing your neighborhood system. Sandboxie is a good application that sits in between your system and also the programs you run, keeping them safe inside one remote component of your disk drive: the sandbox. This application is usually employed to perform controlled testing on programs that are considered dangerous, to run certain applications but they’re worried that the application permanently damages your neighborhood system this can be used application as a solution.

By using the application, your neighborhood system is not going to change if it’s run in a remote room containing this application. Malicious programs and viruses usually work by scheming to make changes for a computer that serves the hackers, but not yours. And also capable to test apps that are considered dangerous, Sandboxie is often a sandbox app – in other words, an application that behaves as a safe zone to try programs, apps, and links that you suspect are dangerous. This app could also be used to perform two or purses the same applications using one laptop or Windows PC.

This application can be frequently used by gamers to perform a lot of the same games using different accounts, usually Point Blank (PB) games. It prevents any changes made to a computer by containing programs – and viruses which might be within them – in the application, as well as doesn’t allow it loose on your PC. In other words, to run several times the identical application or game or test a questionnaire containing viruses without harming much of your system, Thanks to a closed testing environment developed by Sandboxie, it is possible to freely try programs you never trust, without risk right to your system. then Sandboxie is a type of apps you need to consider.

File Menu

Automatically, the sandbox interface is nothing interesting. Control elements are located at the top of the menu. Let’s go through the “File” parameter. By clicking on it, a context menu will with these parameters::

  • “Close All programs”. Force ends all programs and processes that are now open in the sandbox. That could be relevant if your malicious file is actively starting activity and it must certainly be terminated immediately;
  • “Forbid the resulting program”. This button is in charge of the capability to run programs that open in the sandbox automatically, in normal system mode. The default setting implies that this program will run for only 10 seconds in normal mode. This will be adequate to observe the application behaves away from the sandbox. Settings may be changed;
  • “Window in the sandbox”. It’s necessary to find out which particular program is open;
  • “Access Monitor Resources”. Enables you to track computer resources accessed by programs running in the sandbox. This is often ideal for detecting suspicious activity;
  • “Exit”. Close Zhider.

View menus

Once you click the “View” button, you’ll access the things in charge of displaying items in this program interface (menu items “Programs” and “Files and Folders”).

Also in the “View” menu, there’s the “Restore Notes” function, which is in charge of finding and deleting files that have been accidentally recovered from the “sandbox”

Sandbox elements

This is where the key function of the program is concentrated. This menu item is directly in charge of working together with the sandbox. Let’s have a closer look at its contents:

  1. “DefaultBox” may be the “sandbox” where all programs are executed by default. Once you move the mouse cursor over a selection item, a drop-down window appears in which you may select additional environments to perform certain programs. For instance, you can run the application in Windows Explorer, browser, email client, and so on. Additionally, you can perform these actions::
    • “End all programs”. Close all running programs;
    • “Quick recovery”. It’s in charge of the capability to get all or some files out from the sandbox and transfer them to regular disk space.;
    • “Removing content”. Close and delete all programs, files, and processes in the isolated space.;
    • “View content”. Enables you to discover everything that’s within the sandbox;
    • “Sandbox Settings”. A unique window opens in which you may customize the window options in the interface in a single color or another, configure data recovery and/or deletion, allow programs to gain access to the Internet, and so on.;
    • Name “sandbox”. Enables you to supply a unique name consisting of Latin letters and Arabic numerals;
    • “Deleting the sandbox”. Deletes all isolated space allocated to a specific sandbox, alongside all data running on it.
  2. You can cause a brand new sandbox by clicking the right button. Automatically, all settings which have been made “sandboxed” is going to be transferred, which you may adjust to your needs. Furthermore, the newest isolated space must certainly be named.
  3. By simply clicking the “Manage storage folder” context menu item, you can make the precise location of the isolated space. Automatically, it  C:\Sandboxis.
  4. Additionally, you can configure the order in which the “sandboxes” are displayed. The typical views are entered in alphabetical order. To alter it, utilize the menu item “Set location and groups”

“Configuring” items

Whilst the name suggests, this menu is in charge of configuring the program. You should use it to configure these::

  • “Warning about running programs”. Once you open certain programs selected by the consumer in the sandbox, you’ll receive a notice accordingly.;
  • “Integration into Windows Explorer”. Opens a screen with settings for launching programs via context menu shortcuts or executable files;
  • “Compatibility program”. Not absolutely all programs might be compatible with your operating system and/or sandbox environment. Utilize this menu to regulate compatibility settings, that will enable you to run more programs;
  • Block with control configuration. You will find already settings for more knowledgeable users, which must certainly emerge in the shape of special commands.

Advantages and disadvantages of the program

This system has its advantages, however, it can also be not without its drawbacks.


  • This system includes a good reputation because it surely could prove itself perfectly;
  • Setting elements are observed and named, which will enable even a skilled user to comprehend them;
  • You can cause an unlimited quantity of “sandboxes” by setting each one of these for a particular task type;
  • This system is extremely translated into Russian.


  • The program’s interface is outdated, but its user-friendliness hasn’t been affected at all;
  • You can’t run programs that want additional drivers and other components to be installed in this sandbox. This issue isn’t limited by Sandboxie.

How to run programs in a sandbox

Consider operating an application by running another program within an environment that’s unwanted software in its installation files:

  1. First, you’ll need to download the Sandboxie installation file from the state site.
  2. Installing programs. There’s nothing complicated regarding the installation process, just follow the instructions from the installer.
  3. When you’re finished with the installation, find the programs you wish to run in the sandboxed environment. -Right-click the shortcut / executable file and select the “Run in Sandbox” option.
  4. A program opens where you are going to be asked to pick a sandbox. If you haven’t made any settings in Sandboxie, then select “DefaultBox”. When you have created several sandboxes for different needs, choose the one which best fits the situation.
  5. Starts installing the selected program or starts running this program itself, if already installed. Don’t forget to put it in the sandbox, because no malicious element will have a way to have beyond that. You can determine whether a program/file is running in the sandbox by the characteristic yellow border around the window.
  6. After installing this program, you’ll need to learn what’s changed in the sandbox. To get this done, click the Sandboxie icon situated in the “Taskbar” section.
  7. A screen will open by which you will see just how much space the installed program occupies in the limited space, along with just how many files and folders were made for it.
  8. If everything is so as, and you trust the installed program, you can transfer it to regular space utilizing the “Restore to folder…” button.
  9. If you don’t trust this program, then click the “Erase Sandbox” button. All changes made are going to be deleted.

This is the way you learn the key options that come with the Sandboxie program, along with how to make use of them. This information doesn’t cover all possible use cases for the program, however, it is sufficient data for you really to check a specific program for malware or unwanted software.

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Software Information

Categories: System Tuning & Utilities
File Name: Sandboxie-Classic-x64-v5.66.2.exe
File Size: 2.65 MB
Requirements: Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. Windows Vista. Windows XP
Languages: Multi language
Licence: Free
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