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VirtualBox 64-Bit Download For Free and Review

VirtualBox 64-Bit If you want to unlock the power of virtualization, then you need to download VirtualBox. VirtualBox 64-Bit is a powerful and feature-rich virtualization platform that allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single machine. It is free, open-source software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

VirtualBox 64-Bit is a great tool for developers, system administrators, and home users alike. It allows you to create virtual machines that can run different operating systems and applications. This means you can have multiple operating systems running on one computer, allowing you to test software or use different operating systems without having to reboot your machine.

VirtualBox also makes it easy to transfer files and settings between virtual machines. You can also clone a virtual machine, making it easy to create multiple copies of the same environment.

VirtualBox also supports a wide range of hardware, including USB, audio, and network adapters. This makes it easy to connect to external devices and networks.

VirtualBox also provides advanced features such as snapshots, which allow you to save the state of a virtual machine at any point in time. This makes it easy to revert back to a previous state if something goes wrong.

Overall, VirtualBox is a powerful and feature-rich virtualization platform that allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single machine. It is free, open-source software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download VirtualBox today and unlock the power of virtualization.

About the VirtualBox 64-Bit platform

VirtualBox Platform It’s a computer virtualization system for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS hosts that supports Windows, Linux, OS/2 Warp, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD OSs as guests. After many years of development, Innotek released a small version of the open-source product underneath the GNU General Public License (GPL) in January 2007. The total closed-source version of this device can also be available free for private use. If the merchandise is usually to be found in a creative environment, you will have to buy a license, which is often available at InnoTek. In addition, InnoTek, along with the VirtualBox platform, is creating a new hypervisor-based virtualization platform that’s closely linked to the Windows operating system, in collaboration with Microsoft. Currently, VirtualBox includes these features::

  • native x86 virtualization which doesn’t require support for Intel VT or AMD-V hardware techniques (which, however, could be enabled in settings)
  • user-friendly interface (built with Qt3)
  • support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS host systems (Mac OS version is in beta)
  • Option of Additional Guest VMs to simplify interaction with host os’s and optimize their performance
  • support for multiprocessor and multi-core systems (guest only, no support for virtual SMPS to represent multiprocessing in system rooms)
  • stability (compared to open-source solutions)
  • support for virtualized audio devices
  • powerful (according to numerous experts, is greater than VMware products)
  • support for various forms of network communication (NAT, Network Host via Bridged, Internal)
  • support for saved tree VM states (snapshots), which is often rolled back from any state of the guest system
  • description of the VM settings in XML format
  • Shared Folder support for quick file sharing between host and guest systems

Emulated hardware environment

The VirtualBox product emulates these hardware components in a digital machine:

  • hard disks which are emulated in a unique container format called VDI (Virtual Disk Image), that will be not currently appropriate for other manufacturers’ virtual disk formats
  • video adapter emulated as VESA standard with 8 MB of video memory. Installing the Additional Guest VM (only for Windows and Linux hosts) lets you raise the performance of the virtual video adapter and dynamically resize the virtual machine window
  • Audio controller berbasis Intel I AC ’97
  • The network adapter is emulated being an AMD PCnet interface
  • The closed-source edition also emulates a USB controller, and USB devices connected to the host connector automatically grab multiple systems. Also, if the VM is acting being an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server, then a USB device is likewise visible on the client

The VirtualBox 64-Bit platform executes guest system code natively (by passing instructions straight to the host processor). This process is effective for code running in most three-ring rooms. For guest code that runs in a null ring and requires special instructions, it must certainly be intercepted by the virtualization platform. To the end, VirtualBox runs on the native approach: code is executed in the room, and null rings are executed on the very first ring of the host system, which will be not found in the Intel architecture.

Unique VirtualBox 64-Bit Features

Along with the conventional features within most desktop virtualization systems, the VirtualBox platform also includes a unique pair of features unique to it:

  • Clear system modularity
    VirtualBox platform includes a modular architecture that nicely describes the components and offers an interface for accessing virtual machines that lets you control the guest system either via the GUI, via the command line, or remotely. Additionally, InnoTek supplies a Software Development Kit and considering that the code platform is open, no additional effort is needed to write an expansion for the system. Currently, lots of work is underway to port the merchandise to various host platforms, and developers are equipped with the necessary tools and interfaces to correct VirtualBox.
  • Virtual machines can behave as RDP servers
    unlike other virtualization platforms, VirtualBox can behave as an RDP server and is managed by any client that supports the RDP protocol. USB over RDP function can also be supported. It must be noted that the recently released VMware Workstation 6 platform, VMware also provides Behave as Server RDP feature, and this feature of VirtualBox can’t be called unique as of this point.
  • iSCSI initiator
    iSCSI initiator component is one closed area of the VirtualBox platform. This lets you use external devices via the iSCSI protocol as virtual disks in the guest system without additional support from the guest OS.

Supported guest and host systems

InnoTek and independent developers involved in the development of the VirtualBox platform are constantly expanding the list of supported guest and host systems. Currently, this product supports the host operating systems::

  • Windows operating system (2000/XP/2003/Vista)
  • Linux platforms, including:
    • Ubuntu 7.04 (“Feisty Fawn”)
    • Ubuntu 6.10 (“Edgy Eft”)
    • Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (“Dapper Drake”)
    • Debian 3.1 (“Pak”)
    • Debian 4.0 (“Etch”)
    • openSUSE 10.2
    • Mandriva Linux 2007.1
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
    • Univention Server Enterprise 1.3-2
  • Mac OS X (currently in beta testing)
  • OS/2 Warp (experimental)

It should be noted that at this time, ports of VirtualBox to the OS/2 platform are not finalized, and the web developer only contains general instructions for building the system. When using VirtualBox on this platform, there are many problems that developers will have to solve.

The list of guest systems supported by VirtualBox is quite extensive and can easily compete with commercial virtualization platforms. Currently, the following guest operating systems are supported:

As you can see from the list above, many Linux platforms are supported, which provides ample opportunity to learn how to work with them in VirtualBox-based VMs.

How VirtualBox 64-Bit works

The VirtualBox GUI has two main windows: the main window and the VM console.

When you start a VirtualBox VM, you usually start three processes, which can be observed in the Task Manager on Windows systems or in Linux system monitor:

  1. Graphical interface of the control window.
  2. Another similar process is started with the startvm parameter, which means that the GUI will run as a shell for the VM.
  3. The VBoxSVC application automatically creates the necessary service processes to track the number and running status of VMs (because they can be started in a variety of ways).

A VM with a guest system running in it encapsulates the required implementation details of the guest OS and behaves like a normal application in relation to the host system.

In the system room, the VirtualBox VM implementation is presented to the user in two ways

  • A standard client-server architecture that allows you to control virtual machine behavior in a variety of ways using the COM / XPCOM APIs. For example, a system guest can be started via the GUI and stopped using the VBoxManage command line utility. This utility can also perform some functions that are not accessible from the graphical user interface.
  • Frontend/backend architecture, which is an encapsulation of x86 virtualization in the VBoxVMM.dll library on Windows platforms and on Linux (backend) and the implementation manages virtual machines in several ways (frontend):
    • The Custom GUI is based on Qt
    • VBoxManage Utility
    • The GUI is based on SDL which has more features than the Qt GUI and is intended for using virtual machines in a production environment
    • Ability to manage virtual machines using the built-in RDP server in VMs

The guest installation process on the VirtualBox platform is very simple and does not require any additional effort from the user. When creating a VM, you must select the room type, the system to install on, specify the amount of RAM allocated to it, and create a virtual disk that stays in size or grows dynamically as it fills up in the guest system. Then the installation process takes place in the same way as in other virtualization platforms. After the guest OS is installed, you should also install the Additional Guest VM to optimize the guest system and improve interaction with the host OS.

There are three types of interaction networks between virtual machines in VirtualBox::

  • A NAT
    VM “hides” behind a NAT server host and can connect to external networks to it, but you cannot connect to a VM from an external network.
  • Host Network Interface
    In this case, the VM shares the resources of the physical adapter with the host operating system and can be accessed from an external network that is independent of the computer.
  • Internal Network
    is a type of interaction network to build a virtual host-only network, when you don’t need to go out from the VM to the external network and access from outside.

Communication between the QEMU Emulator Virtual Machine and VirtualBox 64-Bit

InnoTek, which has been developing the VirtualBox platform for several years, relies on one of the oldest virtual machine emulators, QEMU. The VirtualBox project is related to this platform in two ways:

  • On the one hand, when creating emulated devices, InnoTek focused on virtual hardware representation in QEMU,
  • On the other hand, InnoTek, in collaboration with the creators of QEMU, used the recompilation mechanism as an exception handler when the Virtual Machine Monitor of the VirtualBox platform was unable to properly handle exceptions when running guest system code in real mode.

According to the developers from VirtualBox, the techniques they borrowed from QEMU allowed them to save a significant amount of time and increase the reliability of the platform.

VirtualBox 64-Bit Open Source Development Features

In addition to a full-featured version of VirtualBox for free use, InnoTek offers limited versions of its open source platform for various host systems. The source code for VirtualBox is stored in the Subversion version control system (svn) and can be downloaded from the InnoTek website. To extract platform source code from an online Subversion server, run the following command on a Linux operating system:  svn co vbox

Also read maintain all bug tracker on the website, where you can find out about all the current issues and create an error report by entering a description of the problem while working with the platform in the VirtualBox error database.

And, of course, everyone can participate in the open development of the platform version by joining the Open Source community on the site.

VirtualBox 64-Bit advantages and disadvantages

After considering the main features of VirtualBox, we can say that this virtualization platform definitely has a future, because it is poised to occupy an empty niche in the field of desktop virtualization systems that are powerful, productive, convenient, and, most importantly, a free platform. The absolute advantage of the system is its cross-platform nature and support from the Open Source community. The large list of supported guest and host operating systems opens up a wide range of possibilities for using VirtualBox in the context of various use cases.

Among the free platforms, VirtualBox is definitely one of the best at the moment. At the same time, InnoTek is not only focused on end users. The availability of features such as the RDP server and iSCSI initiator means that this platform may become seriously used in production environments in the future. The user-friendly interface coupled with the high performance of VirtualBox now has many adherents around the world.

Meanwhile, VirtualBox also has some problems: first of all, it has problems with stability on many host platforms and the lack of compatibility of virtual disks with other virtualization system formats. Also, at the moment, the functionality of the system is inferior to commercial platforms (in particular, VMware Workstation 6), but the pace of development of VirtualBox says that in the near future its functionality will increase significantly. Try using the VirtualBox virtual machine, and perhaps this platform will take its rightful place among the necessary software on your desktop.

VirtualBox 64-Bit Review

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Software Information

Categories:System Tuning & Utilities
File Name:VirtualBox-6.1.32-149290-Win.exe
File Size: 103.33 MB
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Languages: Multiple languages. English.
License: Free
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Latest Version: 7.0.6 Build 155176

How to download and install VirtualBox on a PC/Laptop with Windows 11,10,8 & 7 (32 Bit, 64 Bit)

  1. Make sure your computer/laptop meets the system requirements of the program, game, or utility you are trying to install.
  2. You can use any web browser to download VirtualBox. If you haven’t installed the browser. you can use your operating system web browser
  3. Click the “Download VirtualBox” in tab. To download and install VirtualBox
  4. Once there. Click on the blue box that reads “Download.” Click “Download VirtualBox.” …
  5. Find the .exe file that you just downloaded and opened. …
  6. Select Run to start the installer immediately after downloading.
  7. Read carefully the provisions of the service. then select Accept and install.
  8. After installing a new program, if it prompts you to reboot the computer, please do so. Now you can open the application.

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