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Title Whatsapp For PC
File Name Whatsapp For PC
File size 124 MB
Language English
Available languages English. Turkish. Korean. Italian. German. Polish. Hindi. Japanese. Chinese. Spanish. Arabic. Portuguese. Dutch. Chinese. French
Requirements Windows 10 (x32).Windows 8.1 (x32).Windows 8 (x32).Windows 7 (x32).Windows Vista (x32).Windows XP (x32).
License Free
Author WhatsApp Inc.
Website www.whatsapp.com

whatsapp for pc

A. Advantages of using WhatsApp Web:
1. Lighter.
2. No need to install additional apps.
3. Can be accessed on any PC or laptop.
4. Can be used on all OS, be it Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Disadvantages of using WhatsApp Web:
1. Smartphones must always be on.
2. Each open must be logged in with a barcode scan.

B. Using WhatsApp Desktop Application
The second way to open WhatsApp in PC is to first install applications like WhatsApp Web, just a login and the next will automatically login every time you open, with the condition that smartphones are always in a state of life.

C. How to install WhatsApp on Windows Desktop & MAC
1. Windows

– Download and install WhatsApp Desktop to this page https://www.filehippo-filehippo.com/whatsapp/.
– Once done in install, select the file then right click and select Run as Administrator.
– After that will appear the WhatsApp icon as a sign of successful install.
– Click the WhatsApp icon after it will go to the installer’s WhatsApp page.
– Select WhatsApp Web settings on your phone or smartphone.
– Scan the QR code using handphone until connected.
– If you have connected WhatsApp desktop can use.

2. MAC

– Download and install WhatsApp Desktop to this page https://www.filehippo-filehippo.com/whatsapp/.
– Select the button “To download MAC OS X “.
– After that the file will be called WhatsApp. DMG Click 2 times then it will be installed WhatsApp application.
– Go to the QR code page.
– If using the iphone please go to Settings and use WhatsApp Web.
– Once the QR code scan is successful then you can use WhatsApp on your MAC.

WhatsApp web/desktop Free Download – Social interaction is one of the basic human needs There is a theory in the field of psychology published by one expert named Maslow with his famous theory Maslow’s Pyramid Explained that security is a basic human need after physical needs We can get security by doing social social activities with other human beings already like that natureIn an increasingly sophisticated era we are treated to a variety of ways and facilities to socialize in addition to the classic way that is face to face directly Can we use SMS telephone email video blogging video call social media / social network chat with messenger and so on.

For most millennial generations who does not know WhatsApp? Of course you also know him right? Even know him well and in detail But have you ever tried using it for a desktop PC platform? On this occasion we will discuss WhatsApp for the Windows platform which is a web-based WhatsApp that can be opened on most Windows-based browsers.

WhatsApp for PC is also made in the desktop version but what we will review is WhatsApp browser version of this version called WhatsApp Web This means that the messenger application is technically running with the help of the Chrome browser Firefox or Opera Why? Because this is simpler you don’t need to go through the installation process first you can directly run it in the browser window.

For you Opera browser users can now be even simpler because Opera released Opera Reborn recently which is a browser that integrates with the WhatsApp Web messenger application The application is placed on a kind of additional taskbar in the browser so users no longer need to open the address at any time to be online using desktop users just click on the WhatsApp icon and QR code immediately appears Next the user simply scans using Android and the user is connected to the WhatsApp Web Link download the latest Whatsapp you can get below.

WhatsApp web/desktop Free Download


Whatsapp Web For PC

Whatsapp Desktop For PC

Whatsapp Desktop For Mac

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