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Open DNS free DNS service that provides a number of benefits over traditional DNS services

Open DNS Home VIP applies parental control and monitoring at the network level, for all your devices, and its essential features are available could find that the free OpenDNS Home is all you need. The free edition retains logs for fourteen days, while the VIP edition retains them for annually DNS (Domain Name System) is a system which translates the domain names you type in a browser to the IP addresses required to gain access to those sites, and the very best DNS servers give you the very best service possible

The whitelist and blacklist (lists of sites which can be always allowed or always blocked) can each hold 25 URLs in the free edition, 50 in the VIP edition Your ISP will assign you DNS servers if you connect with the net, but these may not always be the very best DNS server choice around And the VIP edition enables a whitelist only mode that restricts Web surfing to sites you’ve actively identified as safe I have used OpenDNS for a long time and it has always been easy to setup and has always evolved to meet my needs

Slow DNS servers can cause a lag before websites begin to load, and if your server sometimes goes down, may very well not have the ability to access any sites at all Don’t need those features? Then you can certainly go free! Switching to a free of charge public DNS server can make a genuine difference, with increased responsive browsing and lengthy 100% uptime records meaning there’s not as potential for technical problems.

OpenDNS is at the forefront of DNS-based security solutions, offering a range of features to protect your network from cyber threats. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key features of OpenDNS, learn how to implement it on different networks, compare it with traditional DNS services, and explore the benefits it offers.

Key Features OpenDNS

DNS Filtering

DNS filtering is the core of OpenDNS’s security capabilities. It allows you to control the websites and content that can be accessed on your network. With OpenDNS, you can create custom filters to block malicious websites, adult content, and more, ensuring a safer online experience for everyone.

Malware Protection

OpenDNS provides robust malware protection by blocking access to known malicious domains. This prevents malware from infiltrating your network, keeping your devices and data safe from harm.

Phishing Prevention

Phishing attacks are a significant threat in the digital landscape. OpenDNS actively blocks access to phishing websites, thwarting attempts to steal sensitive information such as login credentials and credit card details.

Parental Controls

For families, OpenDNS offers powerful parental control features. You can easily configure content filters and schedules, ensuring that children have a safe and age-appropriate online experience.

How to Implement OpenDNS

Home Network Setup

Setting up OpenDNS on your home network is straightforward. We’ll guide you through the steps to configure it on your router and devices, enhancing your family’s online security.

Business Network Setup

Businesses can also benefit from OpenDNS’s protection. Discover how to implement OpenDNS on your company’s network, safeguarding valuable data and preventing cyber threats.

OpenDNS vs. Traditional DNS

Is OpenDNS superior to traditional DNS services? We’ll compare the two and highlight the advantages of choosing OpenDNS for enhanced security and control over your network.

Benefits of Using OpenDNS

Learn why OpenDNS is a trusted choice for individuals and businesses alike. From improved security to customizable filtering, discover the benefits that set OpenDNS apart.

Pricing and Plans

Explore OpenDNS pricing options to find the plan that suits your needs. Whether you’re an individual looking for personal protection or a business seeking robust security, OpenDNS has you covered.

 OpenDNS offers a reliable and effective defense. By implementing OpenDNS, you can take control of your network’s security, protect your loved ones, and browse the web with confidence. Stay safe, stay secure, and embrace the power of OpenDNS.

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Open DNS

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