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Perimeter 81 VPN cloud-based VPN service that provides secure and remote access to corporate resources for employees and contractors

Perimeter 81 VPN for Windows 11. 10 and 7 is the greatest secure network access service for the organization Bid farewell to costly hardware, tedious installation and hours of help desk support It had been produced by SaferVPN, which has been acquired by US umbrella company J2 Global, however the Perimeter 81 brand remains in the hands of its original owners

Instantly grant employees secure use of critical company resources based on-premise, on the internet or in the cloud Rather than try to cover every one of these features in our Perimeter 81 review, here we’ll specifically look at the Perimeter 81 business VPN and compare it to others on the market today Deploy private VPN servers with static IPs in a matter of seconds and gain unparalleled network visibility with an entire management portal Includes single-click apps for each device

We wouldn’t choose Perimeter 81 for the VPN alone it’s very costly if that’s all you’ll use but if you’re buying a complete service for securing your cloud and network resources, it’s well worth considering The Software-Defined Perimeter model was originally produced by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and was created to provide granular access permissions on a have to know basis

In the digital age, where remote work and data protection are paramount, the Perimeter 81 VPN stands out as a reliable solution for ensuring secure connectivity. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Perimeter 81 VPN and how it can safeguard your business’s network and sensitive data.

Perimeter 81 VPN is a cloud-native, software-defined, and user-centric network security solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers a secure and flexible way to connect your team to the corporate network, no matter where they are located.

Key Features

Secure Access

Perimeter 81 VPN provides secure access to your business network, encrypting data and protecting it from potential threats during transmission. This ensures that your employees can work safely from anywhere.

Multi-Tenant Management

The platform offers a centralized dashboard for managing multiple tenants, making it suitable for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and businesses with multiple branches or clients.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Perimeter 81 follows the Zero Trust security model, which means that users and devices are never trusted by default, even if they are inside the corporate network. Access is granted based on strict authentication and authorization policies.

User-Friendly Client

The user-friendly Perimeter 81 client makes it easy for employees to connect securely to the network, reducing the risk of errors or security breaches.

Benefits Perimeter 81 VPN

Enhanced Security

Perimeter 81 VPN employs cutting-edge encryption and security protocols to protect your data and network from cyber threats.

Remote Work Enablement

With Perimeter 81 VPN, your team can work remotely without compromising security, ensuring business continuity.


The solution is scalable, allowing your business to adapt and grow without the need for extensive infrastructure changes.

Centralized Management

The centralized management dashboard simplifies user and policy management, streamlining administrative tasks.

 Perimeter 81 VPN offers a robust solution to protect your business network and ensure secure connectivity. With its user-centric approach, zero-trust security model, and ease of implementation, it is a valuable addition to any organization’s cybersecurity arsenal. Invest in Perimeter 81 VPN to safeguard your business’s digital presence and keep your data safe in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Perimeter 81 VPN

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